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Happy Sandpit is a South Africa-based experiential think tank with a focus on organisational culture, employee engagement and leadership. Established in 2012 on the back of the book How to build a Happy Sandpit, we create original research in the three focus areas and share the findings through a variety of activities and media outlined throughout this website.

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We’ve got lots of cool products, tools and experiences to help you improve your organisational culture and get better results for you, your organisation and everyone who works there.

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Culture Shot is emailed to your inbox every Monday before 10h00 CAT. Here are a cross section of some of the most popular ones of all time.

Why your front door should be like passport control

One of the biggest threats to organisational culture is that of external culture, especially in countries where there are hierarchical norms that are at odds with those of a modern 21st century business. An often-cited, but nevertheless excellent example of …

What if you’re not actually in it to win it?

Here’s a scary idea that may give you real pause for thought: what if you’re not actually doing the things that are required to win? It’s common these days for organisations to proclaim their desire for a ‘high-performance culture’ and how …

The real reason you’re battling with employee engagement

We speak about work / life balance as if it’s the solution to all of our troubles. As if somehow, taking up mountain biking or spending more time with the kids at weekends will offset the challenge of work and …

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