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Snapshot of 2023: Future-Proof Your Employee Experience for Predictable Performance, Loyalty and Engagement

Colin J. Browne

This Employee Performance Workshop is presented by Colin J. Browne, founder of Happy Sandpit and author of ‘How to Build a Happy Sandpit’. This ground-breaking book is based on several years of research. The research conducted was with more than 60 South African businesses on how their cultures drive success.

OUTLINEEmployee Performance Workshop

By 2025, its estimated that 75% of the global workforce will be millennial’s. What effect will that have on today’s management practices? In simple terms, they will stop being relevant.

In this workshop, we’ll look at the next five years, to 2023. We will work our way through strategies and tools and reset the way you create:
– policies
– rules
– business philosophies
From this you can refocus to best match the new worker / workplace dynamic.



For leaders and managers with a special interest or responsibility for people strategy and leadership.


How to break out of your induction process and policy rut to turn new employees into raving fans download details