How To Workshop

Turn Your Sales Team Into a Target-Busting Machine

How To Workshop - Turn Sales Team into Target-Busting MachineColin J. Browne

This Sales Workshop is presented by Colin J. Browne, founder of Happy Sandpit and author of ‘How to Build a Happy Sandpit’. This ground-breaking book is based on research conducted with more than 60 South African businesses over several years, on how their cultures drive success.


This is a full-day workshop, with focus on the complex role of the sales leader or manager.

Organisations rely on managers to keep the lights on and the factories humming. Yet leading and managing sales teams can seem like herding cats. This causes additional and unnecessary stress.

Let us help you:

1. Take on a new approach to managing and leading.

2. Achieve the ultimate goal of strong, predictable, revenue generation.


For leaders and managers who have a special interest in or who are responsible for:

– sales performance

– sales results

– sales team motivation

– strategy

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