Your organisation is full of  hidden treasure

Unexplored ideas. Untapped energy. Unheard voices. Great leaders who may never be. Amazing contributors who may never share. Potential that may never be realised in every corner of every room.

Our job is to help you change that.
Think culture. Think engagement. Think leadership


We’re nimble, we innovate incredibly well and we never stop thinking, learning and adapting. We have some core ideas, for sure, and there are ideas we consider to be absolutes, but there’s no rigid formula at play in any of our solutions. Our Core Values are baked into every single thing we do.

Shaping Culture

We’re all about culture. The way we see it, creating workplaces and work experiences that compel team members to opt into their own best attitudes, best mindsets and best energy each morning, is 101 for any organisation that wants to be great.

Developing Leaders

And managers too. For the record, we think they’re often the same thing. To lead in a way that enhances culture and creates the sort of engagement that leads to business results, we have to lean into different tools and mindsets today.

Training & Education

From overcoming unconscious bias to improving Core Values alignment, from immersive experiences to structured learning, with original tools, world-class workbooks and materials, and highly engaging facilitation.

Creating Engagement

Bored and disillusioned people are simply the worst of all own goals for any organisation, when better messaging, better conversations, better listening and acting on what you learn are sure-fire paths to more enthusiasm.

Books & Publishing

You can find out more about our growing library of books and Sand Papers (our version of whitepapers … get it?) right here. The best-selling book that kickstarted this whole thing of ours, How to Build a Happy Sandpit, is here for free download too.

Team Building

Original and adapted ideas to challenge and excite, and ultimately, strengthen your teams. Build complex oddball machines. Sail the Atlantic. Decode cryptic clues. Choose between water and a flare gun. The fun starts here.


Culture always sounds like a fun concept, but once you get into it, any kind of mass-mindset change or any attempt to engage your people at their most human level, can be messy, tiring and even a little scary. That’s why you should call us. We’re good at this. We get it.

Think culture.
Think engagement.
Think leadership.

Then think of us, and get in touch.


It’s not enough for learning to be structured, or fun, or deep and rich in detail. We believe it also has to be fascinating enough to kick start a craving to learn more. Our workshops are designed around narratives and metaphors and surprising revelations, to make for exceptional learning experiences.

Three Day Field Trip

Our signature immersion, the Three Day Field Trip is run twice per year per schedule (and occasionally on demand), and enables executives from all over to spend time with leading South African organisations to learn about how do culture right!

Unconscious Bias

Especially since the remote working period of the pandemic, we have seen a notable rise in the impact of unconscious bias in the workplace. This workshop is based on the book ‘Don’t believe everything you think,’ which explores the topic in-depth, with really powerful results.

Culture Projects

From the development of new employee induction processes to crafting compelling Employee Value Propositions, to leadership team alignment, to end-to-end culture shifts, our experience in long projects (from 3 to 18 months) is as challenging as it is varied.


Our signature game, Iceberg! is an original, exciting and fun way to achieve a really valuable outcome related to the Core Values of your organisation. Now in four languages around the world. Iceberg! is used by companies and facilitators in 21 countries.


When businesses switched to WFH in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, it started a chain reaction which so far has no clear end. If you’re to thrive and grow sustainably however, you’ll do well to figure out how it impacts your organisation and create a new winning playbook.

Culture Definition

The link between culture and strategy is often misunderstood as if one makes any kind of sense without the other. In this scenario workshop, we use the metaphor of a road trip to deliver a culture manifesto that enables the successful pursuit of strategic goals to be fully aligned.


There are serious benefits to any organisation in a shared, commonly interpreted set of Core Values, including the reduction of interpersonal friction between individuals, which enables substantial improvements in teamwork and alignment. That’s the goal here.


Maybe you just want to do it on your own. You have the learning and development team, so it makes sense to make use of them, right? We agree, which is why we developed our train-the-trainer programme to help you deliver HAPPYSANDPIT training courses in house.


Culture only works when leaders agree on it, and work to build it, protect it and live it through their daily words and actions. Our leadership development work focuses on team building at the executive and management levels to promote a single, unified culture.


Often, the biggest inhibitor to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, is the sense that it’s a zero-sum game; that in order for some to advance, others must be held back. DELTA ECHO INDIA, based on a space adventure, reshapes that thinking to create greater acceptance of these important concepts.


Not all culture interventions need to be long and complicated. Not all training needs to be steeped in process and theory. Not all settings need to be serious. You can have fun and still learn valuable and rewarding lessons along the way, with the range of fresh ideas here

Change Management

With change comes resistance brought on by fear, doubt, boredom, or perhaps just a lack of clarity. Our Change Game helps teams to contextualise change through the lens of four fictitious departments, the Dept. of the Future, the Dept. of Nostalgia, the Dept. of Evolution and the Dept. of Preservation.


Happy Sandpit has had the honour of working with hundreds of organisations in five continents on culture, engagement and leadership projects. Here is what some of them have had to say…


Happy Sandpit has partnered with us throughout our culture journey, helping us define it, socialise it and embed it in a way that has enabled necessary changes at the organisational level and added to the capabilities of our senior leadership team to lead culture into the future. Ours is a partnership I sincerely value.

Rio Tinto


Happy Sandpit has worked with us at a leadership level and at a management level, to provide guidance and expertise in overcoming challenges in our team dynamics. Their no-nonsense, pragmatic approach is highly effective and insightful.

Airbus Helicopters


Our collaboration with Happy Sandpit has encompassed a diverse range of engagements, spanning workshops, tailored research initiatives, and participation in their esteemed train-the-trainer programme on Unconscious Bias supporting our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion programme. This multifaceted relationship has consistently proven to be of immense value to our organization.

Bank Windhoek

Up & coming at happy sandpit

We’re always running open workshops, which means you can sign up and join in the learning should you find anything you feel you need to brush up on, or perhaps learn about in greater depth. Keep coming back here to see what is coming because there are always new events.


Workshops that are immersive and engaging. Team building that creates a change in the way you work together. It’s really not too much to ask, for a provider like us to put obsessive amounts of thought and energy into creating interventions that stick. We’re smart and we

know business but we’re also lively and we want to have fun. In the end, those are the principles we apply when building.

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