The challenge facing managers and executives in the evolving post-2020 work environment, is to form better teams, develop better understanding and get onto the same page. The organization is changing, and so are the ways in which leaders, wherever they may find themselves, will be called upon to create results. Humanising the organisation has never been more urgent. And it starts with those with the responsibility to inspire, guide, support and grow other humans. Our process starts right there. More human management, more human leadership and more human relationships throughout the organization, hold the keys to better results. Let us help you get them.

The first thing of course, is to ensure we’re solving the right problems.

Starting with our discovery process, will enable you to uncover the key inhibitors to your future success. It starts with the team in charge, because the only things that can cascade into the organisations are the ones right at the top.

(1) What are the minefields that you have to walk through too carefully to freely lead?

(2) What are the toxins that have settled in, because you haven’t dealt with them well enough, or early enough?

(3) What are the mysteries that you don’t fully understand, but which keep tripping you up?

(4) What are the empathies that make you inherently human and make you proud?

(5) What are the defaults you always turn to, and how do they serve or disserve you?

(6) What are the ambitions for your particular executive, leadership or management team?

Our discovery process will help you find these and set you up to solve the right problems, remove the obstacles, fortify the team and enable you to work together with a single message, and a single intent, to drive the organization to human-centric success.

A 12-month process of substantial re-education and development

No executive, leadership or management development programme can achieve quick fix results. Real change takes time. With our discovery done, our curriculum can be customised to your needs, covering key topics such as:

  • Communication and listening mechanisms and principles
  • Trust, empathy and red lines
  • Servant leadership, time ownership and effective MBWA
  • Unconscious bias, untested assumptions and diversity
  • Big picture thinking, idea development and developing leaders throughout your teams
  • Growing human beings and creating team motivation
  • Values enhancement and redevelopment and back to the floor


We employ a wide range of learning tools, processes and methodologies to ensure an exciting, compelling and rich development result. All of the above have been developed in-house and used to great effect at customers around South Africa and beyond, and have proven to generate often unexpected, but always rewarding, outcomes.

Among them:

(1) Scenario games that twist the normal thinking to get candidates and teams as a whole, focused what is absolutely real in the moment.

(2) Team and individual coaching. Usually weekly for individuals and once per cycle for teams, to create teamwork and develop and improve relationships.

(3) Values games to align thinking and rationale for behaviours and decision-making.

(4) Workshops and talks. The content is delivered and then unpacked, debated and evolved through these.

(5) Perspective workshops. May be employed at necessary moments when a problem needs an outside, impartial boost.

(6) Team communication and insights, often in the form of a dedicated regular email newsletter just for the team, to provide hints and highlight current challenges.

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