From Fiji to a famous literary farm, to the greatest road race in the world, there are clues everywhere, to making your Values great. Remember these when you’re developing, or reconsidering your own.

1) Pick the right ones. This really is job one and it’s important to do some collective soul searching to get to them. Your Value system is designed to enable you to pick between two lousy options and still sleep well at night. When either choice means you lose something, your Values are your only guide. Which means they ought to be things you collectively stand behind, enhance, expand and importantly, defend, because your very identity is defined by the behaviours and beliefs they describe.

2) You can’t sprint the Comrades Marathon. Embedding your Values is a never-ending process. The moment you let up, take the focus off your Values, or stop holding each other accountable for living them, they’ll start to drift. Which means you’re better off being steady and consistent than with unsustainable bursts of activity around them. You can’t sprint the Comrades Marathon. You’ll certainly fail if you try.

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