A fully virtual game to place your Core Values front and centre

of peoples’ minds so they embrace and use them

to make daily decisions … every single day.

Iceberg! is a unique and innovative fully virtual online game, which solves the constant challenge of organizational Core Values which are not shared, felt, lived or truly understood, while providing an opportunity for collaboration, exploration, and lots and lots of fun. 

Iceberg! moves your people from seeing the shared organizational Core Values as hollow words invented by leadership, to embracing them as vital, lively, rich, enabling ideas with the power to create strong bonds between people at all echelons, in all disciplines and in every location.

Your players will receive a unique log in to access the game from any device anywhere in the world. Once they are in, they will find themselves working in pre-organised teams, with the mandate to act and think as the most senior officers of the famous ocean liner Titanic, with full responsibility for decision making. 

Over a series of rounds, they will be served a series of complex dilemmas which they will have to resolve by interrogating, debating and ultimately agreeing on how the organizational Core Values guide them to think and behave.

Through this process, they’ll gain a personal context for the organisational Core Values, understand their complexity and deeper meanings and develop a common understanding of them.

While your people are probably familiar with your Core Values and may even be able to list them all when asked to do so, our research shows they are more likely see them as statements of preference, without specific depth or strength, as opposed to driving principles with the power to align the organisation. That’s an opportunity lost.

Iceberg! is designed to be facilitator-led but you can choose whoever you want to lead it. It’s easy to learn and easy to play, and easy to get the results you need from it.

Large organisations with in-house learning and development teams can use it to extend the learning from one office, all over the globe.

Smaller organisations can find fun and engagement in bringing Core Values to life.

Facilitators and trainers can use it to work with customers to help them resolve their Core Values-related issues and create fun and energetic engagements.

The story of the Titanic is rich with meaningful decisions; some made under pressure; some that only proved to have unseen ramifications further down the line.

By basing Iceberg! on this historical event, you’ll have the opportunity to explore and test any set of Core Values outside the context of the familiar environment of their workspace, with its systematised thinking and reactions, and learn how to bring them to life with energy and meaning.Welcome aboard!

Please contact us to find out more about how this could work for your organisation today.