A board game for teams to enable you to ‘stress-test’ your culture by seeing how well your own Core Values inform key decision-making.

The objective of this team game is to stress-test your culture, by compelling players to resolve dilemmas using only your organisation’s unique set of Core Values to inform their decision-making.

Since your Core Values underpin your culture, it is essential that everyone inside the organisation understands them and lives them with energy and passion.

But while people can often recite them parrot-fashion, it’s less common for any individual to have an emotional connection to the intended meanings of those Core Values. The result is insufficient awareness of how their daily behaviour and daily decisions measure up and whether they are even what the Core Values demand.

Iceberg! aims to help players understand the Core Values by isolating them from their current daily context and placing them in a foreign environment away from the organisational noise that may otherwise drown them out.

The environment we have chosen is the RMS Titanic on her fateful maiden voyage, with each team assuming the full responsibilities of the most senior members of Titanic’s crew. Prepare to be tested. Prepare to be challenged. 

Welcome aboard! 

Please contact us to find out more about how this could work for your organisation today or download the brochure here.

The principal outcomes Iceberg! will deliver for your organisation are as follows:

  1. Players will gain a deeper understanding of how Core Values influence decision-making.
  2. Players will recognise how Core Values challenge one another and the importance of critical thinking.
  3. Players will learn how decisions made in isolation can differ vastly from one another, and the importance of a shared set of Core Values.
  4. Players will acknowledge the challenge of Value interpretation and the importance of clear, agreed-upon behaviours.
  5. Players will gain a personal context for the Core Values.

Each Iceberg! kit contains all the materials for play by up to ten teams (the game is optimised for four teams playing concurrently using a single kit, but multiple kits can be deployed to expand the experience).

A game should take around 11/2  hours for a single team. Multiple teams should plan for the following:

  • 2 teams: around 3 hours
  • 3 teams: around 3 1/2 hours
  • 4 teams: around 4 hours

Each kit is customised for your own specific set of Core Values so your teams are ready to challenge and be challenged.

Cost: Each kit costs R3950 excluding VAT, packaging and shipping.

The game is also available as a facilitated workshop, with a Happy Sandpit facilitator taking your teams through the play to secure the outcomes listed above.

Please contact us to find out more about how this could work for your organisation today or download the brochure here.