If the walls won’t fall, perhaps it’s time to make them invisible … 

On average, employees tend to experience only around 10% of the facilities in which they work. Which means that around them, under the same roof, and atop the same foundations, there is another 90% of a building they have simply never seen.

That’s kind of an odd thought, but there are many reasons for it. For one, there is human behaviour, in the form of habit. You take the lift to the third floor, swipe your card, go to your desk and since the colleagues you work with are all around you, you only leave that one division of one floor to go to the bathroom, the cafeteria and your car.

For another, there’s the legacy of ‘functional design’ of multi-storey buidings, which places the mechanics in the middle; the lift shafts, the plumbing and hence the bathroom and kitchen facilities, which prevent any form of meaningful flow of people.

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