Between January and April 2020, around 2.5 billion brand offices opened up around the world, in response to government-mandated lockdowns. For the most part, this was a rapid reaction to a sudden crisis, and for many, that approach, and that philosophy never really changed as the year pressed on.

By the end of 2020, some pundits were adamant that it had been a failed exercise, which achieved little more than burnout and a return to transactional working relationships. 

Others called it a triumphant proof point for the viability of remote work. 

Neither opinion is particularly helpful, without much deeper introspection.

Between January and April 2020, you might as well have opened all those ‘offices’ in Yemen for all that you understood them … and your normal playbook wasn’t able to help you. Now it’s time to address that once and for all.

It’s time to rebuild your employee experience approach for this strange and exotic foreign land.

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