We’ve helped dozens of companies, large and small, to discover and embed their Core Values from inception to launch, including Cell C, Goldfields, Kia Motors, Regal Security, Hyundai and many more.

Our approach is different. It’s technical but not confusing, it’s lively but not flippant and it will make you dig deep to really understand the code that you must live and die by in order for your specific business to thrive.

The truth is that most companies (maybe including yours …) have sets of preferences masquerading as Core Values, which have no power to propel people to a common set of actions. As a result, individuals bring their own Core Values to work every day, with the resultant friction arising from basic interpersonal values clashes.

But there is a better way. It involves a form of passport control, an insistence on adaptability and crystal clear guidance underpinned by powerful Core Values.

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