Align leadership to drive culture and engagement

Culture only works when leaders agree on it, and work to build it, protect it and live it through their daily words and actions. Our leadership development work focuses on team building at the executive and management levels to promote a single, unified culture.


So what’s the big idea here?

The role of leadership is the management of culture and as such, the importance of leadership alignment cannot be overstated. That is the critical goal of this process.

1. Discovery Process

We start with a discovery process which enables us to determine the state of the leadership team, looking at six criteria: (1) The minefields that inhibit free leadership; (2) The toxins that taint relationships; (3) The mysteries that aren’t fully understood; (4) The empathies that make you inherently human; (5) The defaults you always turn to; (6) Shared team ambitions. By identifying these, we set you up to remove the obstacles, fortify the team and enable you to work together with a single message, and shared actions.

2. Individual and Group Coaching

Coaching is key to helping individuals recognise, accept and change behaviour. Group or ‘couples’ coaching adds an extra dimension, encouraging participants to speak openly and share constructively, often leading to quick breakthroughs and strengthening weak or challenged relationships.

3. Focused Workshops

We have a deep bucket of ideas, with workshops designed to build better workplaces and to constantly improve the relationships between leaders and managers, and the organisations they lead. Throughout any leadership development process, whether it is focused over a few days of interactions or spread out over several months, our workshops will help provide new thinking.


The Outcome

A more aligned leadership team capable of presenting a single voice to the organisation which enables culture to embed and grow, with all the desired benefits to the organisation.

The reduction of interpersonal friction among members of the leadership team, leading to improved relationships capable of driving better results.


Honestly never experienced some of these techniques before. They’re refreshingly effective and they have had an excellent impact on our team.

We went from hidden agendas and bad politics among some of our team members, to a much more aligned and open team, which has let us resolve some long-standing differences and be a more effective team for the organisation.

I heard from an employee that she and her colleagues could sense a sea change in the organisation, making specific reference to a lessened feeling of tension. I knew then that whatever we were doing in this process was working for our people too and that we were beginning to lead them better.

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