Unconscious Bias


A workshop on how overcome unconscious bias, based on the bestselling book by Colin J Browne.

Beyond any other phenomena, unconscious bias remains the biggest inhibitor to both personal and organisational change. The fact that by definition, it refers to mindsets and attitudes we don’t even know we have, is what makes it so invisible to us, and therefore so difficult to change. This workshop, based on the book ‘Don’t believe everything you think (2022) is designed to change that.


So How Does This Workshop Work?

Deliverable both virtually and live, this is a facilitated session that is highly interactive yet highly introspective. Through a range of exercises, participants will learn how their daily decisions are influenced by bias, gain an understanding of how bias works and ultimately leave with a toolkit to make changes to their thoughts and behaviours from that day onwards.

1. Pre-workshop Introspection

Delivered around a week before: a simple question to ponder on, in order to get participants ready to commit to the workshop.

3. Ten Weekly Post-Workshop Nudges

Delivered once per week for ten weeks post-workshop; our nudges contain simple challenges to bring the learnings to life.

2. Main Workshop

Usually a full day, but this workshop has been delivered in half a day and where necessary in other customised time lengths.

4. Follow Up Workshop

Optional but usually worthwhile, the follow up workshop can be a simple Zoom or Teams call to assess how things have changed, three months later.


The Outcome

On completion, participants are left with a crystal-clear understanding of how their own unconscious bias influences their decisions; methodology for recognising when they’re engaging in unconscious bias behaviours; and a toolbox for self-questioning and accountability to help them eradicate such thoughts and actions.


The session was an eye opener … it is refreshing when you have a facilitator that is really open minded … deals with the issue at hand without fear or favour.

The workshop was great … can’t wait for the next one. Recommend it to be annual as part of calendar planning.

I was amazed about the discussions presented … we need a continuation of the workshop.

The presenter left no stone unturned … a lot of introspection was triggered.

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