We build games and workshops and train you to deliver them

Whether it is because of logistics, timing or costs, sometimes it’s impractical for an external provider to come and train your entire organisation. That’s the way of the world, and we absolutely get it. Which is why we designed our train-the-trainer programme. The process changes slightly depending on the workshop and the scale of the requirement, but ultimately it amounts to the same thing: you and your team, trained, equipped and certified to deliver HAPPYSANDPIT training courses inside your organisation.

So How Does Train-The-Trainer
Typically Work?

Our train-the-trainer sessions are structured and comprehensive and designed to get your in-house learning and development specialists geared up and experienced in running our content. You’ll have a dedicated trainer, access to all the materials, all the hand holding you need, and an exclusive facilitator guide to enable you to lead sessions of your own, like a pro.

1. Dedicated trainer

To begin, you’ll have a HAPPYSANDPIT expert all through the process, either live and in person or virtual, depending on the workshop and the requirement. Usually, that’s the content creator and the course owner, so you’re in the most expert of hands.

3. Experience in running live sessions

You’ll get to participate in facilitated sessions and to see how the games and workshops are run first hand. With that experience, you’ll be perfectly placed for learning, to ask questions, to seek specific areas of focus and to ensure you get the information you feel you need.

2. Access to all the materials

Then, you’ll have all the materials. You’ll be trained in how to use them, and we can often adapt and modify them to ensure the course content and flow meets your needs. We know there are specifics for every individual market, so flexibility is key.

4. A certificate of your competency

At the end of the training, you’ll be completely up to speed with your own content, and live experience, and ready to take the lead without us. The final step is to award you your certificate and look forward to hearing about your results as you take it into your organisation and lead the way.

Which of our workshops and games apply?

We can train your facilitation teams up to run any of our workshops, but we see the greatest results in some of our workshops that have been specifically designed for interactive facilitation where subject matter knowledge, personal charisma and the will to be fun can combine for outstanding results.

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As additional workshops are added, we will add them to this list. If you have any queries, please get in touch on and we will be very happy to see how we can help!


The Outcome

All of our interventions are designed with the client in mind, and facilitated to achieve a specific, agreed upon objective, or set of objectives. There is lots of flexibility here and many ideas with a range of impacts so there is a lot for you to choose from and we are committed to delivering something that meets your needs.


The attention we received from [HAPPYSANDPIT] was really top-notch. The material is detailed and I felt like I might be overwhelmed before we got started, but three days later, I was able to do it on my own, and have since delivered many successful workshops. It’s really amazing how well and how fast it all came together

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