Establish, refresh and communicate Core Values

It’s common today for organisations to go through a process of selecting Core Values … and then live them as if they’re little more than vague preferences. In so doing, they miss the benefits of greater alignment of things like behaviours and decision making, which a set of Core Values can deliver, when lived obsessively. This workshop serves several purposes, depending on your need. In the end, the outcome is always the same however: the ability to align and enthuse your organisation.

So how does this all work?

To get the massive benefits from our Core Values, we must first make sure we have the right ones, that we have answers to a set of crucial questions that underpin them, and that they can be explained in ways that are easy to understand, easy to internalise and therefore easy to follow. This may mean re-evaluation or refinement, or it may simply mean that we need a better way to explain them. Once we agree on the requirement, we can use the specially designed tools to gain the Core Values advantage.

1. Their fundamental purpose

This is often misunderstood. Core Values are treated as a necessary box to tick rather than a vibrant and essential underpinning of culture.

3. Reframing and bulking up

There are five essential questions any Core Values must answer in order for it to be acceptable as ‘Core’ and a ‘Value’ rather than a pithy idea.

2. The challenges to adoption

The reasons your teams don’t get behind them, and how to get beyond our mental blocks to solid and unmistakeable live-or-die Core Values.

4. Methods of communication

Words have meanings. So do pictures. Culture determines how we use those to get our people to embrace them and find the excitement in them that they deserve.

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The Outcome

By the time we’re done, you will have a fresh methodology for developing and communicating Core Values your team members can truly live, every day, which is proven to increase employee engagement across the organisation. You’ll be able to really lean into your Core Values to create alignment and engagement that improves organisational performance.


This is an unusual and impressive way to think about Core Values and revealed much about what we have been doing wrong as an organisation. Many action points.

The insights about how to socialise our Core Values were especially helpful. We will be brainstorming this back at the office and look forward to implementing and seeing what changes.

I thought another workshop on Values was the last thing I needed but this was different and I am so glad I attended. I’d do it again if I got the chance, because the group conversations in particular were really spot on. This was a great forum for many great debates.

Values got a rock star upgrade with this workshop.

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