The Five Day Culture Immersion

An immersive five-day workshop combining our Field Trip + Boot Camp

Our Five Day Culture Immersion wraps our Two Day Boot Camp around a Three Day Field Trip, to expand the learning experience and make it especially worthwhile for those who may have travelled a long way to attend. Five Day Immersions take place on the calendar throughout 2024, in the weeks where our Three Day Field Trips are scheduled. If you’re in the mood for the whole deal, combining interactive classroom learning and immersive visits, there’s nothing else quite like this!

How Does the Five Day Culture Immersion work?

This active and thought-packed immersion combines the best of our two signature learning activities: the Three Day Field Trip and the Two Day Boot Camp. While the Boot Camp is a standalone workshop that runs at set times during the year, in the Five Day Culture Immersion, we have split it up to bookend a Three Day Field Trip, so that we have an intro day of learning and an outro day to ensure all the lessons land. When it comes to culture learning, if you can take five days away from your desk, you’ll find this immersion very hard to beat, anywhere in the world.

1. Leading Expertise

Since 2012, through the initial research that became our founding statement in the form of the book, How to build a Happy Sandpit, we have built up a steady catalogue of successes in helping a wide range of businesses to improve the performance of their people through the intentional design of culture. It’s that which we’ll do over the five days of this exciting and insightful immersion.

3. Personal Care and Attention

Because the Five Day Immersion demands a considerable amount of time, it’s not for everyone. What that means generally is that Days 1 and 5 – the two days at the beginning and end, which bookend the Three Day Field Trip are fairly small and personal so we can really get to grips with specific challenges and opportunities and answer all your questions in as much detail as is needed.

2.Unprecedented Access

You’ll have the chance to learn from six companies over three days, how they have built culture that drives engagement, which leads to better results. These are companies that have made the intentional decision to put culture at the top of their agenda in the quest for performance, loyalty and ownership and accountability. Our roster of host companies is different each time, but they are always exceptional.

4. Unique Insights

Our job is to get you in front of the smartest, bravest, and most audacious organisations when it comes to culture that drives engagement. And to make sure you have access to the answers you need to be able to solve your own very specific queries. That’s the ultimate promise of the Five Day Immersion.

Mar 25 – Mar 29 (CPT)

May 13 – 17 (JHB)

The Outcome

There are many outcomes to the Five Day Culture Immersion:

 (1) You will spend the middle three days learning how companies have built great culture that helps them to drive employee engagement leading to performance, loyalty and the other voluntary behaviours we most desire as business leaders, through a pandemic and beyond.

(2) You will enjoy a strong and energetic classroom on the other two days – the first and the last – on how you can build culture of your own, by applying the lessons you have learned. You’ll also have all your questions answered.

 (3) You’ll have the time of your life. Really. This is going to change the way you think about business and people management forever.


This was the most amazing experience. I would recommend this to anyone who is serious about culture. HAPPYSANDPIT provides an ideal platform for exchanging ideas and facilitating creating thinking. It was a real eye opener.

An exciting and really fulfilling experience. I have brought back with me a wealth of knowledge and I am fully inspired to bring our culture to life in our organisation.

The greatest learning for me was to recognise the critical role the CEO and his/her senior management team play in actively driving the culture from top to bottom. Without this relentless drive of top management, it is hard to see how culture can be sustained.

Many of us, including myself, are immersed in the “trenches” of our businesses and don’t often take the time to lift our heads above the parapet. The opportunity you gave us to engage with passionate executives from very different businesses and fields of endeavour and to explore the distinctive cultures of highly successful companies, was a tremendous experience.

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