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The company

Happy Sandpit is a South Africa-based ‘hands-on and roll-up-your-sleeves’ advisory and implementation organisation with a focus on high performing organizations, high performing cultures, employee experience and effective and inspirational leadership. Established in 2012 on the back of the book How to build a Happy Sandpit, we innovate original research-based solutions for organizations of all sizes, all over the world. Our notable capabilities are in the areas of onboarding and induction process building, Core Values, all forms of culture-related communication, and the development of online and offline gamified learning experiences.

The philosophy

We believe – and we base everything we do on this belief – that people are inherently good, intelligent, innovative and honest and have unlimited potential. Their greatest desire (and this goes for your people too) is to do something interesting and meaningful and to work with people who help them to grow and make an impact through work, value, relationships and results. It’s not especially revolutionary as an insight, but that’s kind of the whole point. We think when it comes to people, the answers have all already been learned. All we have to do is uncover them and connect with them again in a way that helps us to truly strive for organizational and individual greatness.

The Chief

The capital letter is his. Chief. Seriously (!). Anyhoo, Colin J. Browne is the author of How to build a Happy Sandpit, a book he wrote about the smart, cool, innovative and humane ideas that run through so many of the finest Southern African companies. That was the jumping off point and the rest is ongoing. His upcoming book ‘Don’t believe everything you think’ will be out during 2022.Colin J. Browne

Workshops, Immersions and Talks

We're ready to help you to get better results for your organisation and everyone who works there.

Keynote talks

Ideas and content for your teams and conferences.

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Three Day Field Trip

A cultural immersion to answer your biggest questions

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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

A workshop to help you understand the essentials

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Interactive workshops

A range of interactive ideas for a great day of learning.

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Story Telling

Make your words create engagement.

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