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A range of shorter interventions designed for specific outcomes

Sometimes the best work a team can do to develop relationships, trust and empathy, or to find the motivation to be great, comes from the inside out. Sometimes all that’s needed is a catalyst for thinking. In our short format workshops, short- and long-format talks, and teambuilding activities (always thoughtful, rarely physical), we focus on delivering the kick start to set you off on the next step of your journey to be an exceptionally engaged team.

So What Else is on offer here?

Sometimes you need an intervention that kicks off a conference. Sometimes an activity that brings your message to life. Sometimes you just need to add to get your teams working on something that will inspire an outcome or two for them to take forward and work on in the future. All the tools here have been developed by HAPPYSANDPIT either in response to a customer request, or because we’ve had a brainwave which we couldn’t resist developing. Whatever your need, we think we’ve got some things you’ll really like.

1.How well do you know your colleagues?

It may seem like hubris to describe this as brilliant, but that’s what our customers tell us, every single time. Designed to increase trust and empathy, this short exercise challenges your people to identify their colleagues from cryptic clues and in the process, to learn fascinating things about them they simply never knew before.

3. The culture building blocks of High Performing Teams

Focusing on a range of teams from the NASA Apollo 13 Mission Control crew, to the rock band U2, with many others in-between, this narrative session leads to a team activity in which the hallmarks of these exceptional teams are debated for their merits in helping your own teams achieve high performance.

2. Nostalgia vs. Futurism

Call it ‘change management lite’ if you like, but the outcomes are anything but whimsical. In this challenge, teams will either represent the fictitious Department of Nostalgia, or Department of the Future as they work on the same challenge, from different angles, working out a compromise as they solve a real-world challenge.

4. How to build a Happy Sandpit and other Keynotes

A range of talks, focusing on culture, leadership and related topics, including the ever popular ‘How to build a Happy Sandpit’, based on the landmark 2013 book of the same name, for which our organisation was named. If you need smart story telling for your team get together, we’ve got the goods (and the author of the book too!).

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The Outcome

Our workshops and team building activities are highly interactive, always informative and fun, and designed using the Kirkpatrick Model of Reaction, Learning, Behaviour and Results. We’re obsessive about acing each of these touch points, from our high quality materials to our follow up sequences, post workshop, through nudges and check ins. We have a range of excellent and meticulously designed workshops on the shelf, and frequently create bespoke engagements, based on client needs, as long as we are sure we can add value to the topic and deliver the content with mastery.


Genuine value for money; priced well, and exceeded expectations. The team is still talking about it, weeks later.

I have to applaud the effort that went into the accompanying workbook It’s a book of content all on its own.

Energetic facilitation, but sober delivery of expertise. A great mix that maintains enthusiasm.

Very unexpected. Very welcome. I believe this will have impact!

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