A space adventure game to boost your DE+I capabilities

Often, the biggest inhibitor to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, is the sense that it’s a zero-sum game; that in order for some to advance, others must be held back. DELTA ECHO INDIA, based on a space adventure, reshapes that thinking to create greater acceptance of these important concepts.


So how does DELTA ECHO INDIA work?

Deliverable both virtually and live, this is a facilitated session that helps participants to unlock their thinking and break through their own internal barriers to understanding this important topic. DELTA ECHO INDIA is a space adventure in which participants will have to think about how to enable their crew members, each with distinctive capabilities and challenges, to shine.

1. Invitation to join the Spaceship

A week before the session, all participants are called to the ship to bring their expertise to the mission along with a mission order and an introduction to the other members of the crew. This will enable them to familiarise themselves with the challenges and opportunities ahead.

3. Weekly Nudges

Following the session, participants will receive 12 weekly nudges, reminding them of the learned content and challenging them to bring the lessons to life, with simple actions and activities, designed to prolong the learning.

2. The Game

Typically, a game of DELTA ECHO INDIA lasts around four hours, and is fully interactive throughout, challenging teams to work together to enable the very best from their team members.

4. Train-the-trainer

Our Train-the-trainer programme will empower and enable members of your organisation to deliver DELTA ECHO INDIA sessions throughout your organisation with no license fees or complexity. (see the main train-the-trainer section).


The Outcome

By the end of a DELTA ECHO INDIA session, participants will have internalised the principles of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, and understood how open-mindedness, appreciation of other peoples’ needs and capabilities and the strength in working as one, can benefit all.


We loved this as an experience and thought it was a really immersive way to learn about DE&I in a way that the entire team could get behind.

Once you start thinking this way, it’s like a load of light bulbs all going off at once. We now get why DE&I must be embraced.

An intelligent and rationally designed game that explains the big ideas of DE+I in a clear and helpful way.

True Happy Sandpit style, this pulls no punches, and gets the lessons over very clearly, while also being imaginative and fun.

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