The Two Day Culture Boot Camp

Create your bullet proof competitive advantage

Culture can aptly be defined as ‘the way we do things here’. The go-to responses, the natural, instinctive actions and activities that define a reliable, consistent and predictable working environment are the clearest markers of your culture. And they happen with or without your intervention. The most successful companies have embraced the truth that culture is either something you choose or something that happens to you, and they have chosen to be intentional about it. The HAPPYSANDPIT Two Day Culture Bootcamp is about that. It is two days of intensive, interactive and exciting learning that will change your life and your business and set you on a firm path to success. 

What is Two Day Culture Boot Camp?

In practical terms, while it’s not quite the burpee, crunch, run, repeat of physical boot camps, there’s lots of heavy lifting over these two days. Culture, when it is intentional, creates the base for engagement which leads to better performance. To sideline this as an HR project or something that you ‘launch’ and then move on from, is to deny yourself the greatest competitive advantage a company can have. As a result, this is a gruelling two days – but they are ones you can expect to revel in and which will change you forever.

1. Who should attend?

• HR Professionals: Enhance recruitment strategies, onboarding processes, and employee engagement initiatives.
• Managers and Leaders: Develop skills in creating and sustaining high-performing teams.
• Change Agents: Learn effective strategies for managing organisational change with a cultural perspective.
• Entrepreneurs: Establish a strong cultural foundation for business growth and employee satisfaction.
• Anyone passionate about culture: Individuals interested in fostering positive workplace environments.

3. What will be covered on Day Two?

(7) Recruitment and Onboarding for high engagement
(8) The new employee induction and existing employee re-induction process
(9) The culture building blocks of High Performing Teams
(10) Change management through your culture journey
(11) How to measure your culture journey effectiveness
(12) Closing and action planning

2.What will be covered on Day One?

(1) What is culture and why does it matter?
(2) Culture Essentials Part I: Core Purpose
(3) Culture Essentials Part II: Core Values
(4) Culture Essentials Part III: Core Behaviours
(5) Culture Essentials Part IV: Supporting characteristics
(6) Creating your compelling Culture Narrative and key culture communication

4. Unique expertise

We know this stuff and we don’t shy away from it. Since 2013, we have worked with organisations that are great culture leaders, either helping them to work through problems or learning from the masterful ways they already do things. As both mentor and mentee, HAPPYSANDPIT has earned a unique position as an innovator, and thought leader with a talent for finding smart, fun, impactful ways to share knowledge. There may be other boot camps. But we’re pretty sure this is the one you need.

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The Outcome

(1) Culture Blueprint: Understand the fundamental components of workplace culture and its impact on success.

(2) Practical Application: Gain hands-on experience in how to design and build a relevant and compelling culture for your organisation.

(3) Effective Communication: Learn strategies for clear and inclusive communication within a cultural context.

(4) Change Management: Acquire tools to manage and lead through organisational change with a focus on culture.

(5) Employee Engagement Strategies: Develop initiatives to enhance employee satisfaction, commitment, and overall engagement.

(6) Culture Measurement Skills: Master the use of various tools for assessing and measuring organizational culture.


This was the most amazing experience. I would recommend this to anyone who is serious about culture. HAPPYSANDPIT provides an ideal platform for exchanging ideas and facilitating creating thinking. It was a real eye opener.

An exciting and really fulfilling experience. I have brought back with me a wealth of knowledge and I am fully inspired to bring our culture to life in our organisation.

The greatest learning for me was to recognise the critical role the CEO and his/her senior management team play in actively driving the culture from top to bottom. Without this relentless drive of top management, it is hard to see how culture can be sustained.

Many of us, including myself, are immersed in the “trenches” of our businesses and don’t often take the time to lift our heads above the parapet. The opportunity you gave us to engage with passionate executives from very different businesses and fields of endeavour and to explore the distinctive cultures of highly successful companies, was a tremendous experience.

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