Your Office In Yemen

An immersive future of work workshop

With every change, there’s a knock-on effect, and with the amount of change taking place today, that means our world is in perpetual flux. But using old thinking to figure out the latest series of evolutions in the world of work is like opening an office in Yemen and expecting to solve its specific and unusual challenges using the playbook from Johannesburg or Sydney or even Dubai.

To find an appropriate, sustainable operating and cultural model, we first must understand this mysterious and exotic land of Yemen and work out how to win here. This workshop is designed with that objective.

So how does Your office in Yemen Work?

Deliverable ideally in a live environment, there is no technical limit to the number of participants in any workshop session. Participants will work in teams and make use of our own unique toolkit to search for the outcomes they need. This is a workshop that calls for very creative thinking, strongly connected teamwork, and lots of positive energy, but it gives back in massive amounts.

1. A Game Of Scenarios

What does ‘Yemen’ look like? Using a metaphor to explore this brand-new world, what would we have to accept in order to achieve success?

3. Uncovering The Real Wisdom

Often the best ideas are those that are hidden beneath a layer of conventional wisdom which requires some digging and practical refinement.

2. Five Stages Of Development

From being tourists with a superficial relationship to this brand-new world, to ultimately becoming residents with all the smarts and insights of the locals.

4. Development of a Playbook

The ultimate outcome is a playbook which enables current and future Yemen office workers to navigate the demands of this brand-new world

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The Outcome

Participants will leave this workshop better able to understand what is changing and why, what to do about it, and how to formulate a sustainable response. The group will have detailed ideas to help create a playbook to get over continuing hurdles as the pace of change continues.


Since moving to ‘Yemen’ I think we’ve all struggled to adjust and I appreciated the opportunity to see reality through this different lens. I believe this will be very helpful to reflect back on as we move forward.

I feel like I’ve had some scales lifted from my eyes. This is clever and fun, but also worthwhile in its outcomes.

I really didn’t know what to expect here. It was nothing like what I thought it would be and I can’t remember ever doing a workshop as challenging but fun as this. Highly recommended.

A great idea, well executed by a professional facilitator who led the session with excellence.

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