Download these to enhance your playing experience

We have a number of additional components that will enhance your playing experience, all accessible from this page. Click on the description and you’ll be able to immediately download the relevant component.

(1) The General Guide for Facilitators will tell you everything you need to know and to do, to run your own Iceberg! sessions either for clients or in-house at your organisations. Iceberg! usually requires a facilitator. Why shouldn’t that be YOU?

(2) PowerPoint presentation with full text of the standard ten dilemma cards, to enable more effective play in a large room with multiple teams.

(3) Worksheet Colour Code Explainer Cards, to distribute during team play, to enable more smooth linkage between the responses on the worksheet and how they translate to colour coding on the paper ships.

(4) Core Values Cards for multiple numbers of Core Values. These tie-into the style of the game for consistency and enable you to share your own Core Values (which are central to the game) by creating Core Values cards for each team. Download the template relevant to your own number of Core Values for easy completion.

Check back regularly for additional components designed to continue improving your Iceberg! experience.